10 Weight Loss Tips

I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 Weight Loss tips. I’ve adhered to this set of commandments. They work, so follow them and achieve your aim!

Keep a notebook.

Keep a notebook of everything you eat throughout the week. It makes it so much easier to keep an eye on things, plus on the flipside you can look back in a few weeks with pride. Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult, it’s simply a case of making small targets and reaching them.

Take before and after photos.

This is one of the biggest weight loss motivators there is. Get out the camera and take a few snaps on a fixed day every fortnight. I know it sucks seeing yourself carrying a few extra pounds but there’s no easier way to illustrate how much weight you’ve lost.

Don’t cut out all the food you enjoy.

I like  takeaways, but now I like to save up calories throughout a fortnight to treat myself. I’ve also found that I can still eat my favourite foods if I alter them with low fat alternatives.

Use the scales.

It’s amazingly easy to deceive yourself with guessed measurements. Dust off the scales and use them.

Treat Yourself.

It’s a great idea to celebrate and treat yourself when you drop a size. Nothing motivates and reminds you of your success better than a new outfit to show off your slimmer body!

Change your lifestyle.

The vast majority of “dieters” put the weight they lose back on within the space of a few months. The key to success is adjusting your lifestyle, that way you’re changing your habits – and setting yourself up for continued long term weight loss success.

Exercise is the Key.

I’m convinced exercising is the key to success for sustained weight loss. I like to vary my routine with the cross trainer, rower  and regular walking. Plus on occasion I like to swim or ride my bike.

Always drink in moderation.

Regular alcohol intake can ruin your weight loss efforts.

Set realistic goals.

Don’t aim for the sky. Set realistic achievable goals and you’re far more likely to see it through. Small battles win the war with weight loss.

Never quit!

You’re going to have bad days or weeks. Trust me, it happens to us all! Don’t worry, get straight back on it and limit the damage.

I hope my tips help you achieve your goals.


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