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Abbottabad, PakistanAbbottabad is the most exquisite major city of Pakistan not far from Islamabad. It is north-west of Islamabad just 65 miles away on a beautful road that leads to Muzaffarabad, capital of the Pakistani controlled Kashmir (Azad Kashmir), the Kaghan Valley, Gilgit, Skardu and China. This city is at the begining of the world famous "slik route", that is now considerd as a living wonder of the world. This road ultimately leads to mountains like the K2, Nanga Parbat and many other world's highest mountains that are more than 8,000 metres above the sea level.

Abbottabad is also home to the Pakistan Miltary Academy (PMA), Kakool. So be aware that there is a large military presence in the town.

Evergreen Abbotabad has a cooler weather in the summer and snowfall in the winter. A lot of fresh water springs and surrounding snow top mountains.

Abbottabad is also known as city of schools and colleges there are 33 medical colleges in pakistan while 5 of them are in abbottabad it is a beautifull city.

Its lovely to go up to the top of Shimla Pahari and look down upon Abbottabad and hear the sounds of the town wafting upwards.

Getting Around

Abbottabad offers several country's most aesthetic travelling possibilities.

Tthandiani is the most renowned and a real scenic detination only 2 hours drive from Abbottabad. The alpine scenery, forests, lanscape and climate; everything a perfact mountain picnic spot should have is there at Thandiani. A well-maintained zig-zag road from Abbottabad to Thandiani entertains travellers Abbottabad, Pakistanthroughout the way. Thandiani is also the highest place in Abbottabad division. Standing over the Thandiani, if the weather is clear, its a possible view of Nanga Parbat and other high mountains of Northern Areas, Kohistan and Kaghan regions.

There is a lovely, extremely charming and easy 2 - 3 days trek to Nathia Gali. Although, this trek is considered to be a little dangerous because of wild fauna along the way, but can be done safely by having permission to stay in 2 rest houses on the trek by forest department.

Nathia Gali is another great option to visit. Equal of better in beauty of Thandiani, Nathiagali offers a multiple day stay because of its natural aatractions. Well furnished hotels and rest houses provide almost every demand of life as per visitor's requirement. Various public and private transport is also available for any further Get Around in the region.

Shimla Pahari is the highest place in the Abbottabad city offers allround views throught the region and whole city. It can be an easy walk from the main Abbottabad city.

Ilyasi Mosque is renowned for its round the year natural fresh water. This mosque is also famous for its different architectural design. A very important and delicious charm of Ilyasi Mosque is 'Hot Pakorras'. A few shops offer this fresh hot and perhaps the most tasty 'Pakorras' in Pakistan.

As Abbottabad is the most advanced and modren city on the Karakoram Highway, there can be many accessible destinations throughout the Upper Punjab, NWFP, AJ&K and Northern Areas of Pakistan. Also, there can be many trekking possibilities in the areas for those who are fit and love mountain walks.