Best Creatine Supplement

If you’ve been weight training for some time, you’re probably after the best creatine supplement for your money. The biggest bang for your buck.

You obviously decided you want to progress in your training. You want to get bigger and stronger and become more powerful, but there is so many supplements on the market you don’t know where to turn!

For all you know you might be flushing you hard earned cash down the drain.

Before we make a decision on the best creatine supplement, it’s worth understanding a little about creatine and how it works. But don’t worry. I won’t spew a load of science at you.

What is creatine and how does it work?

Creatine is a substance that is made by your body, and is used as a form of energy. It is also contained within some of the foods that you eat (especially red meats and fish).

However, the quantities in which creatine is manufactured or consumed through your food is very small. And this is why some athletes supplement their diet with a creatine based supplement.

The benefits of supplement are numerous, but for the weightlifter or bodybuilder there are two main benefits that stand out.

First, creatine increases the cell volume by absorbing and retaining water. This is an obvious benefit for the bodybuilder as increase cell volume equals bigger muscles! However, this is only water retention and will likely deplete once you finish your creatine cycle.

Second, and more importantly to the weightlifter, is that creatine is a source of energy.

Basically, without delving into the hard science, your muscles use ATP during your sets for energy. As you perform more repetitions, you begin to deplete your muscles of ATP until your muscles begin fail.

Now this is where the role of creatine comes in to play. All that used ATP is converted to ADP, essentially a useless compound which you can’t use for energy. But through a number of chemical and enzyme processes, the creatine reacts with this ADP to create more ATP! Thus allowing you to lift for a little longer. This means more repetitions and heavier weights, which leads to more muscle hypertrophy, leading to further muscle growth!

So which creatine makes the best supplement?

There are several types of creatine on the market, such as creatine monohydrate, creatine phosphate, creatine citrate, and creatine ethyl ester. They all have differences in the way they are taken and absorbed into your muscle cells.

But the best type, as in the type of creatine with the greatest results, really depends on who you ask! That isn’t a very good answer, I know, but everyone has their own preferences.

However, going on the fact that any differences are negligible (based on the fact that nobody can actually agree on the best type of creatine), I always went for creatine monohydrate.

This is because it is the most common creatine on the market, hence cheaper than the others. This is where you get your biggest bang for your buck.


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