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Shopping Bazaars
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Clifton & Zamzama Shops

Many small shopping areas serve various parts of Clifton and Defense. The larger concentration of shops is located on Clifton Road from Teen Talwar (Three Swords) to the Schon Circle traffic signal, and on or around Zamzama Boulevard in Defense.

Clifton Shopping

There are several large buildings which accommodate a host of shops. Near Teen Talwar (Three Swords) monument, facing Khayaban-e-Iqbal (Clifton Road) is Gulfway Shopping Mall and other buildings, with innumerable shops selling a variety of fabrics, ready-made women's outfits, laces and edgings, handicraft gift items etc. Close-by is Walkman selling high quality leather goods, and Hunza Gallery offering Hunza-made carpets and needlework. A block away is Mehran Shopping Centre with well-known Jafferjee's offering high quality leather items—among the best that Pakistan has to offer—and Ferozsons' large bookshop situated on the first floor with a stock of educational toys and books. On the opposite side, set back from the main road is Sasi Arcade with computer hardware & software shops, money changers, cyber cafe Finatra, fine embroidered linen in Behbood Creations, as well as clothes outlet of Hang Ten. Close-by is Uzma Arcade and shops such as English Boot House selling shoes and leather accessories.

On the opposite side, facing the main road, you will find Uzma Shopping Plaza with shops selling fabric, shoes and handbags, makeup and toiletries, children's toys, crockery etc. In the supermarkets which are situated around the traffic lights you will find a good selection of groceries in Paradise Store and Agha'S, the latter being particularly popular for its stock of imported food stuff items, pet-food etc. An art gallery Funkar Art Galerie is located on the first floor above Agha's Supermarket.

On the opposite side of the road (Clifton Road) and next to Paradise grocery store is Billboard selling music cassettes, stationery and greeting cards and round the comer is Solo, offering handcrafted good quality items.

Across the road (Khayaban-e-Roomi), Clifton Centre shops have men, women and children clothes, shoe shop Raafi'S (good quality shoes for men and women). Bubble Gummers (shoes for kids) and Tit Bits Book Centre. Opposite Clifton Centre, and across the road (Clifton Road) stand Dellawala Shopping Centre and Marine Point with photographic shops. Service, Bata and Modilla shoe shops, toy and gift shops. Gift and toy shops which are entered from the rear of the building offer better price options compared to those facing the main road.

You will also find Chaukandi Art Gallery here which is located on the first floor of Marine Point.

Turning on Khayaban-e-Jami in Dean's Arcade you will find Tie Shop, Voguemen, Optec, Cyber City etc. and a block away on the same road in Garnet Centre is the large shop of the international Benetton, and Kid's stocking children's toys and clothing. On the opposite side of the road, shops in Ashiana sell fabric of all kinds, color and design—from imported silks to good quality cotton, ready made women's clothes and gift items. A little further down near the old Submarine roundabout is Bullay's, offering a host of brass, copper, clay and glazed ware decorative items, including lamp bases.

Old Clifton Shopping

The shopping here mainly consists of contemporary building of Park Towers, which is located on Shahrah-e-Firdausi, across the road from the historic Jehangir Kothari Cluster.

This up and coming well-designed development consists of a shopping mail and fast food outlets. You will find here top designers' outlets for men- and women-wear, along with outlets covering a range of items, from department store for household goods and a grocery store to jewelry, books, boutiques, salons and international food chains, all under one roof, providing a shopping experience of its own.

You will find here Chen One, the department store (tel. 111-900-222); Prestige Photos offering different photographic services (tel. 583-2525 ext. 221); Traditions Leather with good quality leather goods (tel. 583-2525 ext. 107); Oxford University Press (OUP) bookshop (tel. 583-2525 ext. 301); and several men & women fashion outlets, e.g. Aijazz, Insignia, Labels, Nadya Mistri etc.

The development is well-managed and well-maintained, and information regarding its many shopping outlets and food chains is easily available through its well-designed brochures. For a complete list of outlets contact Prime Management Services (tel. 587-8675 to 78; fax 587-8679; e-mail

Zamzama Shopping

This area consists of Zamzama Boulevard and adjoining areas which have turned into a great shopping area with many innovative and exciting boutiques, eating places, furniture shops etc.

Women's Fashion Wear outlets and designer collections such as Shameel's Filigree (tel. 587-5581 to 82); Farida Qureshi, 5th Zamzama Commercial Lane; Niche, The Embroidery Museum (tel. 583-1094); Samar Mehdi (tel. 587-6816); Impressions (tel. 586-3696); Infiniti (tel. 586-1869,583-1645); Seham's Sheer Indulgence (tel. 587-7597 to 98); Sozankar (tel. 586-5075); Pulwishay (tel. 587-3485); The Wardrobe (tel. 587-5046, 587-5418); etc.

Men's Designer Clothes outlets such as Amir Adnan (tel. 586-1875); Aijazz (tel. 587-1402); Fifth Avenue (tel. 587-5179 to 80); Moonisali's (tel. 587-5784); Aly-Zeh (tel. 575-057); Infiniti (tel. 583-1645); Junaid Jamshed, Kurta Corner (tel. 587-9042); Karachi Boutique offering Pierre Cardin products (tel. 587-6386), Cross roads, the Urban Outfitters, offering imported designer clothes and export quality Pakistan made jackets (tel. 583-2706); etc.

Men's and Women's Wear outlets such as Bien Habille stocks high style casual wear such as denim jeans, casuals in denim etc.; Reesha (tel. 583-6064); Rivaj (tel. 0303-733-0847, 0300-230-530); Romails (tel. 587-3256); etc. are located in the Zamzama area.

Children's Clothes outlets such as Exit (tel. 572-278); Mushrooms (tel. 586-8984); Fiction (tel. 575-005); Bumble & Bumble, 23- C, 3rd Commercial Lane; etc.

High Quality Accessories are offered by Lammas which in addition to men and women's designer wear offers belts, wallets, caps etc. (tel. 583-8763); Rags and Riches stocks ladies accessories, bags, purses, Afghani jewelry (tel. 583-2389); Pioneer Leather goods stocks leather accessories and gift items (tel. 587- 6230); while Gift City (tel. 583-3060), stocks imported designer accessories such as branded sunglasses, watches, pens, lighters, belts, ties, cuff links, jewelry and various gift items.


There are several other shops offering a variety of other goods such as the toy shop Treasure Island (tel. 583-7515), furniture shops with traditional craftsmanship such as Zamana Interiors (tel. 583-2801), and music store such as Music Mega store (tel. 586-1897), with stock of CDs and cassettes.

Old City Bazaars

Saddar Shopping

Tariq Road Shopping

Clifton & Zamzama Shops

Jummah Bazaars

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