Thinner Peace Weightloss

What we at Thinner Peace know, is that the weight loss struggle is not just about the food you’re eating. You struggle with the negative thoughts you have about food, weight, diets and body image.  You struggle with the stress of being a parent and meeting lots of other people’s needs before your own.  You may also struggle with a challenging medical condition that makes it difficult to lose the weight you want.

It doesn’t have to be that hard! Part of you may think that if you just found the right diet, the weight would come off. But another part of you feels like you’ve already tried everything. What we know is that constant stress about your body, restricting the food you take in, punishing workouts, and never meeting your own needs, will not produce the lasting weight loss you dream of.  Weight loss doesn’t have to be a struggle.

A structured coaching program.

Thinner Peace Weight Loss is a structured coaching program, done one on one or in groups, over the phone or in person. This is a program that changes your relationship to food. We’re creating a true connection to your body and the ability to fuel it according to its needs. I will teach you how to relax and listen to your body, fuel it according to its needs, and move to keep it healthy.

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You’ll learn that your true value isn’t dependent upon the number on the scale. You’ll learn to appreciate your body instead of thinking negatively about it. You’ll learn to nurture yourself, value yourself, and forgive yourself.  Because, really, don’t you take better care of what you love?

Walk and talk coaching.

Connecting with yourself, connecting with nature, and exercising too… What a great way to jumpstart your weight loss!  Some local clients just love this option!  Once a week we will lace up our sneakers and take our coaching session outside, walking while we talk. We stay at a moderate pace, but you’ll find yourself totally fired up and energized when we’re done. This option gets us out of the office and into nature which engages both our bodies and our minds, often facilitating great breakthroughs in the coaching process. Plus, our exercise is done for the day – heaven if you’re a multi-tasker!

Don’t waste another minute!  Take control of your next meal today!!!


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